TapSweep: Your Next Line of Defense

TAPSWEEP - Eavesdropping Detection & Security Hygiene Sweeps

“Eavesdropping is the act of secretly listening to the private conversations of others without their consent.” 

-- Black’s Law Dictionary

TapSweeps mission is assisting businesses, individuals, private organizations and government agencies to protect from the increasing prospect and ravages inflicted by illegal eavesdropping.

TapSweep CounterSurveillance Services Ltd is a Canadian owned Ottawa based company employing adept engineers and technicians with specialized skills utilizing state-of-the-art eavesdropping detection equipment.  We provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) also known as ‘sweeping and debugging’ as a means to combat Industrial Espionage.

Our Primary Service is to Detect and Locate Covert Devices

  • Bugging devices that transmit audio.
  • Wiretaps --phones and telecomm lines
  • Hidden Video cameras – unauthorized office recordings, personal privacy, change room voyeurism
  • Acoustic compromises
  • GPS & cellular tracking devices -- hidden on vehicles or attached to clothes and luggage
  • Common office devices -- modified to eavesdrop: wireless intercoms, speakers, phones and boardroom communication devices


Our TapSweeps finds all sorts of devices and methods. These don’t need to be currently active – our equipment and knowledge also allow us to find hidden devices waiting activation, turned off or have dead batteries.

Electronic eavesdropping is far more common than you think. We do know the consequences range from significant stress, to job loss, to financial ruin. Our Surveillance Overview will provide you with many interesting facts and details.

Security Hygiene Inspections

Security Hygiene Inspections are a crucial element for protecting an area from Corporate Espionage. Information can be usurped through many unsuspecting ways. In brief it includes:

  • Inspection for repurposed equipment and utilities -- wireless intercoms, speakers, phones and boardroom communication devices
  • Physical and visual inspection of key areas and vulnerabilities
  • Other security issues and lapses that need attending

This inspection is a highly valued component of our service.
See our Services Page for more information.

Would you recognize a security threat, if you saw one?

Today’s security threats are either very small, well hidden, or come cleverly disguised as innocent-looking items. 

Who Needs TapSweep’s TSCM Services?

  • Businesses of all types & sizes. -- Technical security threats are forever changing, e.g. Anti-Virus protection, Firewalls, Spyware Removal software
  • Corporations that create, research, negotiate or sell anything that has value -- Executive offices & boardrooms are of particular concern
  • Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments
  • Banks and financial institutions, real estate offices 
  • Gyms, spas, facilities to safeguard against voyeurism
  • Law offices – litigation, corporate transactions
  • Union & labour organizations
  • Sports teams & agencies – negotiations
  • Individuals –privacy intrusion, blackmail, marital situations, stalking
  • Due diligence

Preventing a single breech could avert consequential personal and financial damages.

“Information is power and who controls it always has the upper hand.”

This is our highly recommended and signature service combining several key components ensuring a more comprehensive TSCM sweep to address today’s new security issues. This customized package addresses your unique needs and includes:

  1. Electronic Eavesdropping sweeps

  2. Baseline Analysis for future reference

  3. Security Hygiene Inspection

  4. Documented report

 A comprehensive package designed for combating Corporate/Industrial Espionage.
See our Services page for more information.

Think of our TapSweeps as you would Insurance — take action before there is a problem

TapSweep has the experience, procedures, protocols, plus the highly specialized equipment and resources to effectively deal with any level of illicit eavesdropping.

May 2012: the FBI launched a media campaign that included bus shelters, billboards, print ads, TV interviews and a website to target corporate espionage.

They want to educate individuals and corporations on identifying vulnerabilities and how to take defensive measures against employees and outsiders from stealing trade secrets.

The FBI underscores the value of hiring private companies to help stop economic espionage.

Further information is available on the FBI website.


TapSweep understands the sensitivity our clients have to their privacy.  Our confidentiality, discretion and integrity are absolute.


“72% of businesses that have NOT taken measures to reduce vulnerability to industrial espionage and suffer a loss will go out of business within 2 years.”

CSIS /National Counter Intelligence Centre

 “Even a whiff of such a security breach can cause a company’s stock prices to tumble or a deal to fall through”

Dr. Robert Ing, Leading Canadian Counter-Intelligence Specialist