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Protect from today's new security threats

If your information has a dollar or power value it is a target. Information theft is easy and advancements in electronics and optics have made communications interception inexpensive, safe and lucrative. Eavesdropping laws are difficult to enforce. Information is like any other corporate asset. Management has a responsibility to protect it. Stockholders can claim negligence and hold company executives responsible if these assets are lost due to improper protection efforts.

Over the last several years, the bulk of industrial espionage has become systematic simplified. Inexpensive effective eavesdropping devices are plentiful, easy to install (or leave behind) and simple to purchase online. Even large chain stores are selling devices built to look like something else. Illegal eavesdropping is rampant and unnoticed. Why?

Because no one is even taking a simple look!

Don’t make it Complicated

It is… and that’s why hiring trusted impartial specialists makes sense. It doesn’t have to be us … but we can’t emphasize enough the value of being properly inspected rather than unfortunate consequences of being compromised.

For most, this is a new service that can be complex to grasp and difficult to contract. Our goal is to streamline the process and provide services relevant to your needs. We pride ourselves in honouring our quotes.

We use a large variety of specialized industry-leading equipment to search for all types of eavesdropping, recording, video and tracking devices.

TapSweep specializes in customizing Sweep Services

Homes, small & medium size enterprises  (SMEs), large corporations and all levels of government, we deliver expert specialized technical sweep services at various investigative depth levels depending on your particular requirements. Clients don’t need every room swept – often it is just one or two offices and a boardroom. Others need just to have individual items checked for transmitters and recorders.

Everyone’s needs are different.  Industrial espionage threats -- whether local or international -- will differ in methodology and equipment. The same is true for an internal eavesdropper or information thief. We focus on the ‘who, what and why’ and the most relevant means of usurping information as it applies to each situation.

Get started. Get informed.  

The cost of personal and industrial espionage goes far beyond loss of a bid, concept, idea, litigation matters, theft or safety: it can topple large businesses, create financial catastrophes and ruin lives. Often, it is the CEO or an executive who is ultimately responsible and held accountable for not exercising current Due Diligence.

Adopting new relevant electronic security measures for today’s business environment is vital.  As technology changes so do the vulnerabilities.

Our Baselining Sweep & Analysis Package is designed for this purpose. (See further below)

The following Inspection Services are offered separately or as a package

Baselining Sweep & Security Hygiene Package
Highly Recommended. Our Signature Service.

This is the perfect essential starting point for all corporate needs. It combines the following vital security elements at special price to get you to that next step:

  1. Baselining Sweep Analysis of the relevant RF spectrum -- captured, mapped, & stored
  2. Technical Sweep Inspection -- customized
  3. Security Hygiene Inspection -- customized
  4. Counter Measures recommendations – observations and best practices
  5. A report within 7 days – includes “Baselining Sweep Mappings” & Analysis

TapSweep offers this unique service to address the concerns and needs of businesses and individuals that have always wondered if they are being compromised but unsure on what kind of service to hire or how to address the next level of security needs.

1 - Baselining Spectrum Analysis

  • Spectrum Sweeps are analyzed for any unauthorized transmissions of information & bugging devices  
  • Baselining Analysis is documented for you for future reference and analysis
  • Live Spectrum Analysis of the site’s relevant radio frequencies (RF). This is also captured and recorded. Capture and Analysis means we conduct 100’s of sweeps through the relevant spectrum
  • We can chart a fraction of a second ‘burst transmission’ from an eavesdropping device (bug) –and capture the image on screen
  • Collected data is post analyzed & included in final report

Baselining Analysis is a highly valued tool for future reference on transmission changes to the sites' RF spectrum -- particularly useful to comparing signals being transmitted from your location.

2 - Technical Sweep Inspection

  • Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD) with a premium high-powered analyzer to search inside walls, ceilings, furniture & other places difficult to see inside. This detects ‘hidden bugs & transmitters’ whether active or currently dormant (waiting activation)
  • Physical search – the most successful skilled search method for devices & vulnerabilities
  • Broadband Spectral Analysis
  • Phone and lines Inspection
  • Power mains Inspection (for covert devices using 110v)
  • Infra-red & Lens Inspection for video devices
  • Acoustic Inspection– for audio that can be heard outside its’ intended area

Highly trained specialized technicians, intuition and common sense are our most valuable tools!

3 - Security Hygiene Inspection

  • Doors, locks, access & key management
  • Document storage & management, shredding & shedding practices, garbage
  • Password management
  • Bluetooth issues & vulnerabilities
  • Fax machines & printers
  • Communications and IT room access
  • Acoustic issues & compromises
  • Unknown trades visits & installations
  • Common boardroom vulnerabilities
  • Gifts

This inspection is a crucial component to combat corporate espionage. Relevant areas and potential compromises vary on each inspection. We offer solid advice on how to address common vulnerabilities and methods. Information is knowledge. Who controls it has the power.

The Baselining Sweep & Security Hygiene Package is a customized sweep averaging 4 hours at a set price.
Call 613-220-2717 for more information.

The Baselining SSH Package targets areas and items of most concern and spans outward. We note your input and add our expertise. This sweep package can be modified for smaller or larger client requirements.

Our technicians may extend their time on site (up to 2 additional hours) at no additional charge. Under exceptional circumstances, options will be discussed. Honesty and fairness are integral to our business relationships.  

The effectiveness of this package is simple– whether you’re a small business or large corporation -- start with the simple stuff.

The simplest devices and corporate espionage tactics work exceptionally well – especially when they’ve never been looked for … so why would the perpetrators change? Even at higher security facilities, it is amazing how many simple compromises we find!

Equipment Advancements – Our New Edge

The past two years has seen a remarkable assembly of three technological advancements that enhance this type of sweep: 

1. Improved performance & processing speeds of specialized laptops

2. The most exciting new hardware release in years -- a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder customized for this industry-- with lightning fast reception & analysis performance

3. Specialized software developed by one of the most knowledgeable & respected TSCM practitioners’ and his support team. 

This gives us the ability of ‘Live’ RF Spectrum ‘capture & record’ --an unprecedented advantage to Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) specialists such as TapSweep. 

This formidable new addition greatly enhances our aggregate of specialized high-end equipment.

Who is TapSweep Protecting you from? 

We focus on the most relevant areas of your concerns first. It is not always evident who may be taking what information, so together we determine the most possible culprits, what they may be trying to obtain, how and why. Here are a few prominent reasons for corporate espionage:  

  • Competition for business
  • Bidding advantages gained from illegally obtained knowledge
  • Litigation issues
  • Foreign interests
  • Individual self interests
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Personal accusations
  • Blackmailers
  • Opportunists 
  • Labour negotiations 

 Can you imagine the damages if a competitor, opposing legal team, labour negotiator or rival were ‘virtually’ in your boardroom listening and recording a critical meeting? You would be better off inviting them because at least you could take measures to strategically adjust. But not even being aware their presences … then please ponder the potential ramifications.

Security Needs are changing and unique— your needs are our priority

‘Security clutter’ is an additional stress liability that affects decisions. The worry of sensitive conversations being overheard can impact on what is being said. This is detrimental to a healthy, efficient work environment. 

Rather than speculate, take charge --arm your team and yourself with knowledge. 

Alternative scenarios:

  • There is cause for suspicion, but you’re not sure and want to find out: - follow the process of elimination through our basic sweeps or using the Baselining Sweep & Security Hygiene Package
  • Temptation inhibitor: -let employees know ‘counter measures’ are being implemented before they’re tempted. Is there a pending round of layoffs, or are other firms trying to poach members of your team?
  • Private conversation in the office without an expensive retrofit 

Have you wondered what that ‘thing’ installed on your wall is; or if that gift from an associate is really ‘just a clock?’

We’ll address those and other questions on every TapSweep.

The depth level of investigation is based on your needs. There are far too many unique information security scenarios to individually quoteThe Baselining SSH Package is a set price job that meets and exceeds most scenarios.

Call for a free estimate @ 613-220-2717



TapSweep is also an excellent resource for other reputable specialized security providers. We associate and partner with the Best in the Business.

TapSweep’s services are available for: individual items, homes, offices, cars, boats, jets, celebrities, and government agencies -- all up to the highest levels.

We like our information flow to be simple and clear --that includes answering your questions in the verbiage of your choosing, be it ‘technical’ or ‘layman’.

Please note:

We will NOT accept assignments of covert surveillance; get involved in the supply or fitting of technical surveillance devices; nor to obtain privileged information against the best interest of the Canadian Government and its’ citizens.

All communication with TapSweep is in the strictest of confidence.


A simple warning: a moderate amount of Technical Surveillance equipment leads to false readings. Why? Because there are 1000’s of RF signals going through the airways.

Finding signals (even with inexpensive equipment) is not the problem – it is distinguishing the ‘friendly’ from the ‘hostile’. This is where skilled practitioners, knowledge and an aggregate of state-of-the-art equipment are invaluable.


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