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If you suspect you are the target of any form of eavesdropping such as audio or video surveillance, or suspect your phone may be monitored or tapped, we strongly advise you to contact us as soon as possible. Or, if new security protocols and due diligence practices are to be enacted, please enquire about our Baselining Sweep & Security Hygiene Package or a custom service that fits your needs

Phone: 613-220-2717
E-mail: info@TapSweep.com

On the Initial call:

  • We will discuss your concerns while allowing you to remain completely anonymous
  • Help you understand the current situation, where to focus, how to minimize damage, ease your decisions and take charge

If in doubt, feel free to discuss. There is NO CHARGE for this initial consultation

When contacting us, please follow these very important guidelines:


Call 613-220-2717 from a location other than the one you suspect is being monitored.  You are strongly advised not to call from your home, office or cell phone.  Try using a payphone or a trusted friend/colleague’s phone.


E-mail info@TapSweep.com from a computer or enabled device other than the one you would normally use

Note: This contacting policy is standard practice in our industry and instituted for your protection.
Thank you for your cooperation.

TapSweep CounterSurveillance Services
Steve Parkin, President and CEO - TapSweep CounterSurveillance Services

“70% of a companies total value is derived from intangible assets. Strangely, it is the other 30% that receives the majority of the security budget “ (for locks, alarms, guards, fences, lighting etc.).


TapSweep understands the sensitivity our clients have to their privacy.  Our confidentiality, discretion and integrity are absolute.


Intellectual Property Threats affect 1 in 4 companies.

“Mid-sized companies are especially at risk because they are the ones developing innovative products; and at the same time they lack awareness of the scale of the problem.”

KPMG Management Consultants