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Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) says the listening devices found on the former Nortel campus are actually a relatively common occurrence in Canada.

“Economic espionage: defined as illegal, clandestine, or coercive activity by foreign governments in order to gain unauthorized access to economic intelligence, such as proprietary information or technology for economic advantage—costs the economy billions of dollars each year.

Because Canada is a world leader in many technology-intensive fields (including aerospace, biotechnology, chemicals, communications, information technology, mining and metallurgy, in addition to nuclear, oil and gas, and environmental technologies), Canadian companies have been targeted by foreign governments to obtain economic or commercial advantages. The damage to Canadian interests results in lost contracts, jobs and markets, and a diminished competitive advantage.”

CSIS       https://www.csis-scrs.gc.ca/prrts/spng/index-eng.asp

Today, it is unrealistic to expect your IT department or Security Officer to effectively manage the threat of Corporate Espionage.

There are just a few corporations that can afford a dedicate Technical Security team. There are tens of thousands of dollars of equipment to source and purchase; extensive training and industry knowledge for at least a couple individuals. Many of the remaining corporations are encouraged (by even the FBI) to contract out for this expertise. The FBI has currently entered into to an advertising campaign to stress this need to protect corporate America, and this expertise must be contracted out to a trusted impartial Technical Surveillance Counter Measures team. Due Diligence must be exercised for all the obvious reasons.

Corporations Under Attack

"Companies around the world are finding information theft and corporate espionage
rapidly elevating to critical levels of importance in protecting their competitive position. The title CSO (Chief Security Officer) once held a subordinate role in corporate structure but has taken a much higher seat at the leadership table in recent years, and it appears many businesses see this trend continuing. Unfortunately, with today's technology it is easier and more lucrative to steal corporate intellectual assets rather than physical assets which can be traceable."

REI [Research Electronics International]
Newsletter Q2 2011

Competitive Intelligence compared to Industrial or Economic Espionage.

‘Competitive Intelligence’ may include activities such as examining newspaper articles, corporate publications, websites, specialized databases, patent filings, information at trade shows and use this collected information on a corporation. The presumption is that it is done legally and would therefore be considered the business equivalent of ‘open source intelligence. ‘

Industrial or Economic Espionage is when additional corporate information is gathered presumably illegally.

Information Security: relates to the requirement to safeguard, store and destroy confidential or proprietary information in a secure manner to ensure it does not fall into hostile or competitor hands.

Coined by the Saxon's in the 13th century, 'Eavesdropping' and surveillance has always played a part in mankind's history. Eavesdropping, "listening in", hacking, bugging… by whatever name, it is spying and theft.

Risk assessment is a balance between the cost of protection, the likelihood of attack and the potential loss should an attack be realized.

The FBI estimates 10's billions in technologies, inventions and intellectual property are stolen every year through an invisible network of corporate espionage by a multitude of actors in every shape and size.

Corporate Spying Goes Unreported

Source: Market Watch
International industrial espionage is on the rise as cyber criminals shift their activities to stealing trade secrets from taking personal data and information...

Article: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/corporate-spying-goes- unreported-2011-04-01

Keep your secrets locked up tight

Source: HR BLR
Article: http://hr.blr.com/HR-news/Staffing- Training/Employment-Contracts/Keep-Your- Secrets-Locked-Up-Tight/

Counter Espionage - PART 1

Jan 13, 2013
Source: Intersec Magazine - subscription required for full article: www.intersecmag.co.uk/article. php?id=96

SPIES And Company - American Companies Under Surveillance

October 24, 2012
Source: The New York Times. Article: www.reiusa.net/quick/spiesandco

US Claims Telecommunications Threat

October 8, 2012
Source: WSJ. Article: www.reiusa.net/quick/telecomthreat

Espionage Threatens Automakers

October 2, 2012
source: Imotor times
article: www.reiusa.net/quick/automakers

Dyson accuses manufacturer of industrial espionage

October 24, 2012
source: theguardian.co.uk Article: www.reiusa.net/quick/dyson_claim

Corporate espionage vs. competitive intelligence

November 5, 2012
source: theglobalmail.com Article: www.reiusa.net/quick/ci

The art of industrial espionage

May 24, 2012
source: the independent
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Picking your sweep team

Corporate espionage on the Rise in northeast Ohio
Source: Newsnet5.com
Article: http://tinyurl.com/3psez4u


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