TapSweep: Your Next Line of Defense

About TapSweep

TapSweep CounterSurveillance Services Inc., (TapSweep) is a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) provider specializing in the detection and location of unlawful and unauthorized electronic surveillance (bugging or eavesdropping) devices.  We provide our clients with technical Eavesdropping Sweeping Services as well as the provision of ‘Security Hygiene’ inspections.  We are a licensed, insured and nationally certified corporation with the capability to quickly deploy and provide TSCM services anywhere within Canada or internationally.

In addition to TapSweep’s significant in-house surveillance countermeasures expertise we continue to develop and grow strong associations with other specialist organizations in this and related fields. 
These unique, and we believe highly pragmatic alliances, allow us to quickly access additional resources whenever the depth of an investigation dictates. 

Steve Parkin

Steve Parkin is the President and CEO of TapSweep CounterSurveillance Services Inc.  

A veteran field expert with over 30 combined years in the Telecommunications and Technical Security industry with extensive training and certification in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). Steve has trained at various highly acclaimed Institutes in Canada and the USA alongside top corporate technical security professionals from organizations and national security agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and RCMP.

A former Network Specialist Manager for Global Defense Network Services (GDNS) responsible for troubleshooting, testing, dispatching, monitoring and alerting the Canadian Armed Forces of alarm situations ranging from telecommunications infrastructure issues to F-18 fighter plane communications. Steve's also has 18 years of service in the commercial telecom industry, 8 years as president of Active Communications and various contract positions in the communications and security industry.

Steve recently returned from contract employment in Afghanistan with the 'satellite network communications' supplier to the Canadian Armed Forces during their deployment. He is dedicated to using that valuable experience and knowledge to disarm the ‘cheaters’ stealing your intellectual property broaden corporate Security Hygiene Measures and fortify individuals and companies from today's new security threats.


“The new revelation of listening devices found on the former Nortel campus is actually a relatively common occurrence in Canada.”

Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS)


“Voyeurism using very small, hidden cameras, is a major growing concern to female visitors to gyms, spas and ladies dressing rooms & showers. Imagine the adverse affects this would have on your business and brand!”


"The current FBI caseload shows that secrets worth more than $13 billion have been stolen from American companies – often by insiders or former insiders at the companies that have been victimized."

Frank Figliuzzi, 
FBI CI Assistant director